What is Grammar Checker Software?

Grammar checker software efficiently corrects texts and helps you write good English. It uses technology to correct misused words, spelling mistakes, and grammar mistakes with accuracy. The tool helps to improve your texts similar to a human reviewer. It corrects a wide range of grammar use errors including tense and sentence usage errors as well as singular and plural mistakes. The software not only flags faults but also suggests suitable corrections to make your text perfect. Start by checking our leader Grammarly, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Grammar Checker Software

Top 10 Most Popular Grammar Checker Software

Grammarly reviews

Our Score 9.7

User Satisfaction 96%

Grammarly is world's best known online English grammar checker & writing style improvement tool. Read Reviews

Reverso reviews

Our Score 9.5

User Satisfaction 99%

Reverso is an application that offers accurate and diverse contextual translations to help users expand their vocabulary. Read Reviews

Ginger Software reviews
Ginger Software

Our Score 9.4

User Satisfaction 88%

Ginger Software is a well-rounded writing tool for desktop and mobile devices. Read Reviews

WhiteSmoke reviews

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 96%

WhiteSmoke is an all-around English mistakes detector and corrector for desktop, web, and mobile. Read Reviews

LanguageTool reviews

Our Score 9.2

User Satisfaction 100%

An Open Source online grammar software and a proofreading program which checks grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and writing style issues for multiple languages. Read Reviews

PaperRater reviews

Our Score 9.2

User Satisfaction 90%

PaperRater is an online proofreading service that conducts spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checks. Read Reviews

Hemingway Editor reviews
Hemingway Editor

Our Score 9.1

User Satisfaction 78%

A word processor and proofreading tool for writers; making their text simple, clear, and powerful. Read Reviews

ProWritingAid reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 92%

ProWritingAid is an online writing editor and personal writing coach that cleans up virtually all types of write-ups. Read Reviews

OnlineCorrection.com reviews

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction N/A

A free and simple online grammar tool for students and professional writers; which checks grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors in English texts, and displays them on a separate page. Read Reviews

SpellCheckPlus reviews

Our Score 8.7

User Satisfaction 100%

Online grammar and spelling checker for students and institutions; helping them detect second language grammar and spelling errors, and to improve written English through independent learning. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Grammar Checker Software

Grammar checker software is definitely a boon for writers as it helps to improve the quality of their written content. But how can you do knowledgeable comparisons to select the best grammar checker software application from the loads of solutions available? We help you in this task by detailing the key features and factors you should look for in your search.

Get to know each product with free trial

Start your quest for the best grammar checker software tool by signing up for the free trial offered by leading vendors. You don’t have to invest any money as the free trial enables you to check out the app’s features beforehand and decide if they fit your needs. Visit the websites of the following popular tools to check the possibility of availing a free trial: WhiteSmoke, GrammarlyReverso, Ginger, and LanguageTool.

Targeted Businesses

Students, bloggers, writers and basically anyone who wishes to perfect their English and written content can benefit from using grammar checker software.

Examples of Grammar Checker Software

Grammarly: A free grammar checker that instantly corrects grammatical errors and improves your writing. It is utilized by millions of users every day. The highlight is this tool can identify correctly spelled words that are utilized in the wrong context. It helps you to write error-free content on LinkedIn Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and other popular places on the web.

WhiteSmoke: A style checker, spell checker, and grammar checker in a single package. It improves your texts by correcting syntax, spelling, and grammatical errors. The best part is the tool performs a contextual analysis of your text and not word-by-word corrections. As a result, your writing is improved and elevated.

Reverso: An application that offers accurate and diverse contextual translations to help users expand their vocabulary. To use Reverso, a user simply needs to type or say the what they want to translate. Results are generated in a matter of seconds, with conversions available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Polish, German, and more.

LanguageTool: An open source online grammar solution and a proofreading program used by individuals and businesses. The software helps users find and fix grammatical and stylistic issues in their articles or text. It is known for its capability to perform error detection for multiple languages which include English, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Russian.

Ginger Software: A well-rounded writing tool for desktop and mobile devices. The software is equipped with a grammar checker that makes suggestions and corrections as the user types.


Types of Grammar Checker Software

  • There are numerous free and open source grammar checking software tools that can help to save your money.
  • Many word processing programs such as Microsoft Word and WordPerfect include a built-in grammar checker tool.
  • In addition, many websites offer online grammar checking services.

Key Features of Grammar Checker Software

  • Emoji. Have fun by expressing yourself with emojis.
  • Word prediction. Intelligent word prediction suggests your next word as you’re typing it.
  • Customizable themes. Utilize a theme that fits your lifestyle.
  • Grammar checker. Reviews your text for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Sentence rephraser. Provides suggestions that convey your intended meaning with more clarity.
  • Translator. Translate your content into multiple popular global languages.
  • Dictionary. Throws up contextual synonyms and instant definitions.
  • Text reader. The software reads the text to you to help you obtain a fresh perspective.

Benefits of Grammar Checker Software

  • The software helps to find and correct grammar and spelling mistakes in your text and enhances its quality.
  • It can eliminate mistakes in your content and make it error-free and fresh.
  • You can save money as you don’t need to hire the services of a proofreader as you can easily get a free software tool that does the job for you.
  • Even those who are not English language experts can create high-quality content with this software.
  • Companies can enhance the quality of their website content and other business text and ensure they are error-free to create a good impression on readers and their customers.

Latest Trends

  • Many grammar checker software vendors are utilizing Natural Language Processing as well as Artificial Intelligence technology to provide smart solutions.
  • Top tools in this category offer a handy mobile version that can be easily downloaded and accessed on your mobile device.

Potential Issues

  • Many writers can fall into the habit of solely depending on grammar checker software for their content. Students should especially avoid this and continue to improve their English language skills in order to create high-quality content on their own and not rely on external help.
  • Some tools are not accurate in identifying and correcting grammar errors. Such tools can worsen the quality of your text instead of improving it.

List of Grammar Checker Software Companies

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Our platform makes use of our special SmartScore™ method to gather information about all the solutions in the Grammar Checker Software category in orded to help you decide on the best possible service. It includes the following factors: individual modules, collaboration elements, customization, integrations with other services, intuitiveness, customer support, security, support for smartphones and tablets, media rating. Currently, Grammarly is the leader in this category and we gave it the highest score in our tests. Following extensive research and analysis it had the best results among its competitors and our experts strongly suggest that you include it as one of the choices for your company.

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